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My journey in boxing started over 10 years ago when I supported my brother in his debut fight, it’s safe to say I fell in love with the sport that night. I was lucky enough to meet former super lightweight British Champion Darren Hamilton who took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. He taught me good fundamentals and cemented foundations that made a good fighter who was hard to beat, winning 7 titles with 3 of them from the Queensbury Boxing League. This is where I became a Champion in two weight classes (Cruiserweight and Heavyweight). Since then I have proudly retired undefeated from competitive fighting with 18 fights, 1 draw and 17 wins.

I have been training fighters for over 3 years and in that time have become a fully licensed professional and amateur boxing coach. Dennis and Dyer Boxing Academy is about developing the youth and having a platform for aspiring boxers to reach their potential. We hope to encourage people to take up boxing for their physical and mental well-being and cater for all levels of boxing, as well as avid gym-goers wanting to get their daily fitness fix.




My boxing journey started as an overweight 13-year-old. I soon fell in love with the sport and competed as an amateur for the Tottenham and Enfield club, I was later accepted into the Frank Bruno boxing academy. Sadly, I hit a point in my life where I lost motivation and gained weight. It was thankfully around this time that I was introduced to Marc who rekindled my love for the sport and helped me lose over 30kg and get back into competitive boxing.

I looked at going professional but after an asthma attack and hospitalisation that was not an option. It was at this point Marc sat down with me and told me his plans and thought I was the perfect fit. I gained qualifications as an amateur boxing coach, a professional seconds licence and various other courses along with experience to develop and progress boxers of any standard.

I’ve now built up a successful clientele of boxers of all ages and levels and the passion for the sport has driven us to start our own boxing gym where we can develop boxers to reach their full potential, with coaches that live and breathe the sport.



Serial entrepreneur Reece Mennie is an avid sports fan and boxing enthusiast. He welcomed the opportunity to partner with Marc Dennis and Liam Dyer in the new Dennis & Dyer Boxing academy. Reece has been a valued sponsor for the former WBC World Champion Charlie Edwards for a number of years, so when he got the chance to train with boxer Marc Dennis, it was only natural he would want to be part of and support the boxing academy in the heart of the local community.

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